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John Venn & Sons has been translating documentation for business and the public since the 19th century.

Our language training means that we can provide translation services, especially for legal documents.

A scrivener notary can also certify the accuracy of a translation and thereby render it acceptable for production before courts and other authorities in the United Kingdom and overseas.


The firm covers all the common languages in-house or through our panel of experienced legal translators and editors, some of whom have been working with us for more than 25 years. Translations are edited to ensure that a text reaches the highest standard of quality.

All of the partners and senior associates have followed the Scriveners Company traditions of study and successful preparation for examinations in legal translation.

A translation certified by one of our notaries ensures that your documents will be accepted by official bodies and institutions in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Our clients have the choice (and one that is not available with an ordinary translation agency) of using a unified service of translation, notarisation and legalisation – from instruction through to delivery.

The firm is subject to professional regulation and observes rules of confidentiality in relation to documents entrusted to us.

Having offices in the city centre, we are in a position to collect or take delivery of important and original documents. We can also arrange for documentation to be despatched to you by courier.

John Venn & Sons is a corporate member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting. Individual members of senior management also hold qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Linguists.